The board of the Student Association is elected at the annual general assembly, to which all students of Ethnologie (BA) and Anthropology (MA) are invited.

Would you like to be a part of it? Interested students are always welcome to attend one of our meetings. To do so, contact us, either via our contact form or directly via one of the board members (you can also find our names on the wall on the 2nd floor of the seminar). We are looking forward to meeting you!



Rahel Liviero (BA studies)


Mirian Margiani (BA studies)

Vice chair, blog editor, website, communications

SantoŇ° Smiricky (BA studies)

Treasurer, communications

Charu Kashamkattil (BA studies)Board member

Julia Singh (MA studies)

Blog editor

Jago Steidle (BA studies)

Board member


Updated: Spring Semester 2023