The Student Association Anthropology (Fachgruppe Ethnologie) represents the interests of all students of Ethnologie (BA) and Anthropology (MA) at the University of Basel.

We form the bridge between the academic staff and the students of the Department of Anthropology. By participating in the regular staff meetings, those of the skuba and the student council, we have access to all important information and can bring in suggestions and concerns of the students. Furthermore, we organize events such as barbecues and game nights, answer students' questions, and help with student orientation.

With our blog project “Aspiring Anthropologists“ we offer all interested students the opportunity to gain experience in scientific publishing and to practice peer review already during their studies. We also provide a platform for experimental ethnographic writing and invite all students to participate.

The board of the student committee (Fachgruppe) is elected by the students at the annual general assembly.


Anthropology is that science which seeks to understand the actions of people as members of a society and to explain them by comparing different societies in their natural, social, and cultural conditions and contexts.

Till Förster (translated from German)

Dekorativer Elefant auf einer alten Landkarte

Student Association Anthropology